Social & Community

The Pillars of Community Empowerment

One of the key findings from the month-long study was the need for communities to channel grievances to PT BSI for anything that they may consider undesirable. In response to this need, PT BSI has immediately set up a Grievance Management System whereby public grievances are managed professionally and resolved within a certain period of time. The initiative has increased PT BSI’s transparency and accountability in the eyes of the public, as well as greater trust among those whose grievances have been duly addressed by the system. Based on the social mapping, PT BSI also carried out several internal workshops to formulate a holistic CSR program that truly addresses the most immediate needs of the communities. From these workshops, PT BSI has classified the CSR program into four main components, namely (i) economic empowerment, (ii) education, (iii) health care, and (iv) infrastructure.

Fund Allocated

CSR Fund Allocation in Year 2016


PillarPercentage (%)Realization (in million Rupiah)
Health Care1.67250
Economic Empowerment18.392,745
Public Engagement46.786,981