Oxide Mine

In 2016, progress of the Tujuh Bukit Project moved rapidly. Despite heavy rainfall, PT BSI was able to make headways in the earthworks, foundations and constructions of the Ore Preparation Plant, the Heap Leach Pad and Ponds, the Environmental Control Dams and the ADR Gold Processing Plant. As of year-end 2016, constructions of all five bays of the heap leach pads and ponds, the six control dams, the ore hauling roads were completed, as were the constructions of the upstream ore preparation plant and downstream gold processing plant.

The layout of the Tujuh Bukit mine site has been efficiently organized and structured. Ore will be dug out from the open-cut mine at the top of the bukit or hill, from where they will be transported downhill by dump trucks to the Ore Preparation Plant. Here, the large ores will be crushed into small fist-sized clumps no larger than 75 mm in diameter. They will then be agglomerated with cement and transported by trucks downhill to the heap leach pads, where they will be evenly stacked across all five bays, and sprayed by diluted sodium cyanide solution for the leaching process. Finally, the gold and silver are recovered in the standard gold processing plant.

All of these infrastructures have been planned, designed and built on time and on budget since June 2015 through to year-end 2016. Towards the end of 2016, work on the open-cut mine site had begun in earnest, and PT BSI is set to pour first gold by March 2017.

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